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              In December, the companycarried out an internal audit of the three-in-one management system, and theassessment team made a summary report on the audit situation.

              In November, a team of Quzhou Xinhua young reporters came to visit the company to learn!

              In October, the company heldthe annual marketing team collective training activities. The sales colleaguesdistributed in different places also took this rare time to gather together to learn and share theirwork experience.

              In September, a provincialinspection team headed by Wang Yonghe, deputy director of Zhejiang ProvincialPublic Security Department, visited Kingdecor, carried out a comprehensiveinspection and guidance for the enterprise's safety production work.

              In July, the companyorganized department staff to go to the industry chain excellent enterpriseexchange, learning. The activity lasted for 2 days.

              In August, Zhejiang provincequality and technology supervision bureau deputy inspector XingZeLiang and hisparty visited Kingdecor to carry out guidance work. To the enterprise in the"Made in Zhejiang" publicity, special equipment safety, product qualityand safety, system operation and other aspects of the work of inspection andguidance.

              The company prepared a deliciousdinner for all the members of the champion class in the first half of 2017, asan expression of the company's appreciation for everyone's hard work!

              In June, the company held aspecial naming ceremony. The KDPM3 machine was renamed Gerd as a tribute toGerd Hartinger for his contribution to Kingdecor, and Gerd Hartinger wasdelighted to receive this special gift.

              May 23, Mr. Qu Xinhong, asenior consultant of the Government Quality Award of China Quality Association,came to Kingdecor again to carry out the identification meeting for thepreparation of the provincial government quality award.

              May 11, Jin Lingui,deputy director of Zhejiang Labor and Personnel Department, and his colleagues visitedKingdecor for research.

              April 27, the companysponsored the first sports meeting held by the second elementary school ofQujiang.

              In April, the companyorganized the staff above the supervisor to visit Fangtai Group to learn theexcellent performance management model.

              March 25, the company invitedMr. Qu Xinhong, a senior consultant of theGovernment Quality Award of China Quality Association, to conduct training on the excellent performance management systemfor employees above the company's team leaders.

              March 23, the companyand Quzhou College jointly held a college class in paper making.

              March 11, the company heldstart meeting to achieve the Zhejiang government quality award.

              February 23, Dr. DengLinjunjie of Zhejiang University of Industry and Commerce carried outISO9001:2015 version training for all staff of the company.

              February 15, the vicegovernor of Zhejiang Province and his party visited the company for guidance.

              February 14, thecompany passed the three-level safety standardization site assessment.

              February 4, thecompany held the New Year's opening meeting and the commendation meeting of theprevious year

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