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              Kingdecor | The quality Knowledge competition of 2021 came to a successful conclusion !
              Date:2021-09-24 15:18:36

                    Inorder to promote the quality awareness and brand awareness of all employees ofthe company, improve quality management, implement management standards,technical standards and work standards, comprehensively improve qualitymanagement, and respond to the requirements of the company's quality monthlyaction.On the afternoon of September 23, 2021, the company's quality knowledge competitionwas held in the multi-functional building on the second floor of xianheAdministrative Building. The theme of the competition was "Make standardsbecome habits, and make habits meet standards!"

                    Knowledgecompetition formally began before the company manufacturing deputy General LuoZhirong speech. Luo said that quality is at everyone's side and everyone shouldcare about quality, attach importance to quality and participate in quality. Wehope that we can learn from each other and constantly improve our qualityawareness through the competition.I wish this skill competition a success!


                       Thecompetition consists of 15 teams, each consisting of 3 contestants. Thecompetition consists of three parts: compulsory questions, urgent questions andrisk questions. Each team has a base score of 100 points and is rankedaccording to their total score.

              Let's take alook at the teams first.

              Facing link

                      Thefirst round of compulsory questions, a total of 45 questions, by each team 3 inturn to answer the question, the time is 60 seconds, 10 points for correctanswer, wrong answer, no points for overtime. The first round of thecompetition was very exciting and exciting. The score of each team was veryclose.

              Vies to answer first link

                      The competition entered thesecond part, the players are eager to try, highly focused, rushed to answer. Aftera round of fierce competition, each team's score has opened a gap.

              Risk questions

                     Thelast link is the risk question, which is also the most exciting and unexpectedlink. The risk questions are divided into 10 points, 20 points and 30 pointsaccording to the difficulty score, and each team decides whether to answer ornot. The exciting answering session pushed the competition to a climax. Finally,after fierce competition, the team won the first prize, won the special prizeof the competition; Golden Abacus team won the first prize of thiscompetition.The boutique team won the second prize of this competition.The teamwon the third prize in this competition.

                     Finally,Marketing vice President Wang Jin made a concluding speech, Vice President Wanggave full affirmation to this competition, congratulated the winners, thiscompetition fully demonstrated the good spirit of the company team and hopethat all our staff in the future continue to do a good job in qualitymanagement.

                   Qualitywork has a long way to go. Every post and every job are closely related toquality.We should firmly establish quality awareness, lean to build thecompany's quality brand.

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